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heated shaves to a new level

I wonder if this is going to go down like those exploding vape pens in the news a while back?

"I was just shavin' and BOOM! It got my beard off and all, but now I look like that Two Face guy in the Batman movie. And my eyebrow on that side is gone now, I don't think it's coming back. My face kinda smells like a mix of Barbasol and burnt bacon too..."


Needs milk and a bidet!
I don’t know about anyone else but summer shaving with a heated razor sounds awful. I cold water shave 90% of the time.
Better yet, just shave with the Ginsu. I mean, they're supposed to cut through anything and come back for more. Right? lol
The cartridges are useful only in that razor, and you can't use any other cartridge. On pre-order the cartridges are $5 apiece, and there's no guarantee that the razor (or carts) will continue in production after this "prototype phase." So you could plop down over $100, never see a functioning razor, or receive a functioning razor sometime in 2019, soon discontinued, with cartridges no longer available.

This is really dumb.

The fact that Gillette is crowdfunding the project suggests to me that Corporate rejected the idea, telling the design team, "OK, go ahead and build it if you want, but we aren't going to pay for it."
Introducing the Heated Razor by GilletteLabs - the razor that makes the comfort of a hot towel shave accessible to guys every morning.
"The comfort of a hot towel ..."
"Hot towel."

Wait a minute, I think I have an idea for a more cost-effective way to achieve this.

Nope. It's gone.
Darn. I almost had it.
This tells me that Gillette is feeling the heat of the return of traditional shaving.
This seems to be nothing but expensive gimmickry .
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