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Head with DE !

Success !!
Just felt brave and did my Head with my Muhle R106. Not a single nick. I'm going to chalk this one up as LUCKY !! My wife was cringing the entire time, but I did it. Been using my Fusion on my head, but like I said I was feeling Brave. Used a Personna blade !!
Congrats! I started MUCH more timid. I was doing first the sides, then sides and top, then finally all of it.
At the end I found myself asking, "what was I so scared of?"
Good on you for just taking the plunge!
Congratulations! It's like an amusement park ride. Standing in line thinking about it only makes it scarier. Once you ride it, it was okay. And just like regular DE face shaving, the more you do, the better it will be. Now you have to go off the high dive and finish with some kind of menthol A/S.(Osage Rub)
Well done! Head shaving is the best, you might find that you're using more product - soap, AS, blades etc, but that's a great excuse to go shave shopping more often! :001_tt2:
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