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Have you sold an item out of your shave den only to regret it?

I have reduced my den a bit and sold a number of items.

Lately, I am missing one of the razors I sold.

Have you sold an item out of your shave den only to regret it or even went so far as to purchase another?


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Ive done this multiple times, but you cant look back. Whats even worse, is when you sell stuff off for a specific reason, and then well...looking back you cant remember why you did it.
Not so far, but I keep having second thoughts on a few of the razors that I've set aside to sell. Foolish, because almost all of them are duplicates of other stuff I have, and the others are nothing unusual or rare, but there you are.

I don't reget the ones that I PIFed, though.
Luckily I have not had to sell an item to finance another. My collection of razors one day will be passes to my son. Whatever he does with them after I pass is his business. I did however sell a Double Ring that was in my collection. I don't regret the sale because the proceeds went to a good cause, but I tell ya, I scour the local antique stores for a replacement.

Yes, i traded my Merkur Classic for a Merkur Open Comb. I wish i would have kept the classic and just bought an open comb.
Yes, often. I'm on my second vision. I've had two HDs and two slants. On my second progress. I've bought blades again that I've had before and given away.

Even though they game me lousy shaves I regret selling my slim and fatboy too, maybe I didn't give them enough practice.
Yes, I sold a HD and a Mint FB. I wish I had held on to them.
The antique store trips are getting more frequent.
Oh yeah I've done that plenty.
I'll sell a few to get the money to buy another one. Stick that one in the collection, not to be touched.
Then, I figure i'd like to use a razor only to realize that I only have ones that are collectible. All shiny and clean.

A perfect example is my Fatboy. I have 4 nice ones in boxes all clean and with proper blade packs. But I sold my user grade one. I don't even know why. It wasn't worth much. Now I don't have one I want to use.

Yes, sold a mint red-tip in case with dispenser and instructions. I wish I hadn't done that, but I have a couple of user grade red-tips, so I'm not seeking a replacement.

I also sold a Sheraton that was in excellent shape. I've been looking to replace that for more than a couple of years now, and doubt I'll be successful.

-- John Gehman
Sold my brother my mint condition blue tip superspeed, wish I sold him the regular super speed I was using at the time.
When I was a youngster, I sold my SOC. I had bought it since it was so highly rated and it looked (mistakingly on my part), to be a limited edition thing.

I hated it and by osmosis, all boars.

Well, I have progressed and am in the process of gaining respect for boars principally by my recent purchase of a 1305.

I still might dislike the SOC cause he's a monster, but I wish that I had given him a better chance.

Antique Hoosier

I have bought and sold hundreds of shaving items. Only a few with mild regrets but one thing is for sure, there is always something interesting to buy around the corner so in my case certain items must go to make way for the future AD related "things". Economists speak of the "Velocity of Money".... mine should have a speedometer on it.
Every once in a while, I miss a red and blue tip I sold, but since they paid for my futur, I usually get over it.
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