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Have you had fried turkey?

Have you had fried turkey?

  • Yes, and it was delicious!

  • No, but I sure am missing out!

  • Other (How can there be an 'other' to a yes no question?)

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I'm just wondering how mainstream fried turkey is.

I saw a screaming deal for a turkey fryer last year at Sear's, and couldn't pass it up. Shortly after the purchase, I got me a bird, injected it with as much beer, butter, and spices as it could hold, and proceeded to fry it, as well as some sweet potato fries (I figured while the oil was bubbling anyway). Long story short... Darned if that wasn't the juciest turkey I've ever had.

Anyone else have fried turkey? Anyone planning on frying their Turkey this Thursday? Anyone think that's just committing arterial jihad?


That's turkey as in the bird, not turkey as in the friend that you can convince to jump off buildings, and touch electrified wires after just a few beers. :001_tt2:


(Come on people, admit it, everyone has (or had) a friend like that in their group.)
Nope can't say we have even thought about it. Here is Oklahoma USofA, many folks do fry their turkeys. There is always a discussion on which is the best peanut oil, or how to filter it, etc. I will be spending 5 or 6 hours with SWMBO making a chestnut, mushroom, and raisin bread stuffing and then cooking an 18 to 20 pound fresh bird in the convection oven. After an hour or two of eating, there will be a 5 or 6 hour cleaning on Friday...

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone! This year I have the extra blessing of all your friendship.:smile:

I wont get one this year, but last year for our T-Day party we fried 3 birds and they were absolutley delicious....

It was the most juiciest tender bird I ever had....

Ron, if you know some good ole boy in OK...who is going to fry one have him fry one for you (any other time of the year, too)....

Help me out guys what a takes a few hours in the oven is a third of the time in the oil....but i forgot ....

mark tssb
rtaylor61 said:

You missed Ice Cream!!! Used to get it at a little Mexican Cantina...wonderful stuff. Yeah, fried turkey is excellent, but have you tried "turducken"???


ahh, once upon a time i had deep fried ice cream. i have yet to have turducken!!!
guenron said:
Happy Thanksgiving Everyone! This year I have the extra blessing of all your friendship.:smile:

Thank you Ron. I too feel blessed having the friendships of such fine and true gentleman. I consider it an honor and a pleasure interacting with you all each day. Happy Thanksgiving my friends. :smile:
I hate to admit it, but I've never tried it. I too have heard it makes for one delicious bird.

I have some friends that refused to believe the turkey could be safely cooked in such a short amount of time. So they fried it the same amount of time as a traditional roasting. I believe it turned to dust when they went to carve it.
I've done it quite a few times. Last year I smoked two birds on the Weber "bullet."

The Weber was good (REALLY moist), but the fryer is just awesome. The cleanup SUCKS and it's really quite dangerous. You have to be SUPER careful and keep it quite a ways from ANYTHING that could burn. A guy who works for me accidentally melted his vinyl siding (from like, 5 feet away). A very expensive mistake. The thing was it was drooping so slowly that over a half hour or so he didn't notice until it was too late! :scared:

It's FAST too - like 45 minutes for a 16lb. bird (or so). My mom was BUMMED a few years ago. I deep fried a turkey and she did a "new" Martha Stewart "foo-foo" recipe. Not only did she bust her butt on the overly complicated recipe... At the end of the night her bird was hardly touched an mine looked like piranha's attacked it!!
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