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Have shaved more in a few weeks than I do in a month!

Well since exploring the rhelm of face lathering, I'm hooked!

Been a lather in the cup guy most of my adult life. Been using Mystic River soap in Barbershop scent for years, lathers good in a bowl and performs fairly well for all natural ingredients. It did the job but was turning into a chore to shave with the cup. On my last puck and figured the cost I could find something a bit better. Moved up to Chiseled Face soaps and so far great!

Bought a soap lot here, razorock mainly and will start trying each one in the next few days!

But my first try at face lathering was a new and pleasant experience! Now I can shave every other day and look good and feel clean shaved for a day or so! The old me got so tired of shaving I'd shave once a week if that! I could be the Gillette lead tester on there products with this stuff growing so fast. I can grow a full beard in less than a month!

But the face lathering with the new and wonderful scents has pleased my soul. Real happy about trying it and succeeding! And learning more about the shave world from the good folks on here!

Thanks Everyone and have a good week ahead!
I've shaved daily for many years. I find with the right brush, face lathering is a treat but also lather in a bowl. However, unless a person is a lather painter, aren't we all, ultimately, face lathering? I know I'm always scrubbing in lather whether it's first from the loaded brush or from lather made in a bowl.
Whew - glad it's not just me.

It wasn't until I learned (well, learning...) better technique, here at B&B, that I could even contemplate daily shaving without serious irritation. It's taken more than a month to get to that point - and to my first semi DFS.
When I was a kid and first started shaving with a safety razor, I had no one to teach me and I hacked my self up pretty regularly (this was mid-60's). I slowly learned but am pretty sure I embraced the Trac II when it was introduced and it was awhile before I went back to safety razors. But I hate stubble, to the point of obsession so shave every day. As you're learning the key is good prep, a light touch, and maybe stick to one, two max passes until you've got your technique down to where you can shave in the dark. I wish I could be one of those guys who settles for a middling shave or even go two or three days without shaving but, I'm not.
Yep, I too face lather for most shaves but will lather up in a bowl on occasion. When I first started shaving with a DE razor I had the Wilkinson Sword shave soap and found it wasn't the easiest to get a decent lather from while using a bowl. Subsequently I went back to my tried and true can of Barbasol until it ran out. Then I got a tub or Proraso green shaving soap and ... WOW what a difference between the Proraso and the Wilkinson. Proraso lathers up in just a few seconds in a bowl, so I figured hey let's try the face. However, I am planning on getting some shave cream in a tube like Creamo or the Nivea brands and will probably try using a bowl for them.
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