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Haslinger Shafmilch scent ?

this just came in for me and the scent is barely detectable. the little that i did detect reminded me of the smell of skim milk fresh out of the fridge. is this also everyone's experience with this soap? or did i get a bad batch? for some reason i expected the scent to be similar to MWF
mine smells like fabric softener or basic bar sope for the hands. it also dries out my skin. personally i don't like it at all, never tried the older tallow formula though.
almost scent-less to me.
It is too small and a bit hard to load.
Maybe I should use it as a stick.
Do gents have any ideas about loading Haslinger Shafmilch?

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I used Haslinger Schafmilch in the past and it has light scent with excellent lather qualities. I just peel a few slivers of soap with my pocket knife and press in the bottom of the bowl. Post shave for myself has been normal also. The soap cake is sort of small in size unless that has changed. I like it slightly better than my MWF also because it is easier to make a decent lather quickly.
Any brush will work from synthetic to natural hair works well. All I do is start with a squeezed brush and start to swirl until the paste forms and just add drops of water to your brush or bowl and with in 1.5-2 minutes you should have a wonderful lather. Haslinger have been around for a long time also making their soaps so that should indicate that others also enjoy using them.
The scent reminds me of something like hand lotion. Pretty mild and unisex.

The latest formula is a better performer and should contain coconut oil instead of palm.

If you don't like this scent, try one of the other Haslinger soaps, like Honey, Coconut, Sage, etc. They all perform similarly and have fairly mild scents.

I think the small size of the puck is intentional. This is made like the old-fashioned mug soaps. If you want a larger puck, it is fairly easy to grate and combine two pucks in a container.
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I like all the Haslinger varieties, though I'd probably rank Schafmilch last (still good, though). As BigJ says, the key is their scents are subtle and mild, and wash off cleanly. Meeresalgen (Seaweed) and Aloe probably are my favorites.
very mild scent.
great shave soap.

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