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Hart steel razor

I seen one of these on eBay so I bought it came in a real nice box but no leather case as other ones have or the guy didn't Include that in the auction. So out of the box it came tested it with hht didn't pass so to the pasted strop it went then to the Tony Miller strop after that passed with flying colors. I was so impressed with this razor I went to the site and ordered a new one and it came in today so I opened the box expecting one of the nice boxes and leather cases they used to come with, what a disappointment in the box it came with a standard little razor coffin, so I took it out and gave it a hard look and it looked like the one off eBay without fancy box, so now time for the hht test it passed first time out was impressed but I hit it a few laps on pasted strop then Tony Miller then a few on the kanayama and wow. so for the price I paid for the hart razor I would say it's a killer deal it was cheaper than a dovo so if you was every thinking about a hart razor now is the time to get one.
I didn't what to say it, but it seemed a little " Sunday! Sunday!, Sunday! come on down and get a new car!!"
If that was not the OP intent then I apologize.
Well I was fortunate to receive a Hart with a good edge when the sale originated at the beginning of the year, but I wouldn't press my luck and order another one especially after hearing about their [lack of] customer service.
Had a few quite awile ago to hone and honed up very nicely but the one I did about a month or so ago was poorly heat treated, kept chipping regardless of pressure and the edge was super soft and had a slightly different color than the rest of the razor.
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