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Hard to find vintage razors, watch and bands, Georgetown scuttle, soaps, Simpson brush

This is CONUS only please since I am paying the shipping. PM me here to arrange payment on an item. First come, first served.

If you want an item here is what you do:

1. PM me here with your PayPal address.
2. I will invoice you and once paid it will be on the way.

Swing razor from Sweden. Original Bakelite case including Swing brand DE blades. Not often seen complete like this. Razor is pristine. $55.00.




Gillette New Short Comb in nickel plating. Gorgeous condition. Original box with postage (not a Gillette box) from retailer. Fun piece of history to go with the razor. Bignoli shaving soap included. $50.00


Marina Militare watch (has 22 mm band). Three watch bands - all three are 20 mm bands. $87.00 for the lot.


A stunning Gillette, Made in England. The razor is truly in mint minus condition - just beautiful. The box is ratty, very worn, dirty and discolored on the outside. Interior is worse than it looks in the picture. Original blades.

Ronson Razor - appears to never have been used. There are original Ronson blades inside the blade bank. Interior of box is gorgeous. Exterior is worn from age. Not in a bad way, just normal wear.

Br. Pat. No. 28.76305 '02 The patent number I cannot guarantee due to the numbers being worn but I am pretty sure that is accurate. The '02 refers, I believe to the year 1902. Serial number is A 137267. Teeth are straight, gorgeous patina. Does not say "Gillette" anywhere on the razor. From the Wiki here at B&B it may have been manufactured - emphasis may - in 1907.

$97.00 for the lot.

Screen Shot 2022-05-24 at 9.08.28 AM.png


Travel kit. Simplex DE razor, mirror is just behind the razor in the picture with matching plaid backing. Bar soap container, shave stick container, two blade banks, small shaving brush comes inside the second container. Leather strap holding bar soap container is broken but otherwise zipper works. In very good condition with some slight wear here and there. $29.00.


G-12 Georgetown Pottery scuttle in terrific shape. Measures 5 1/4" wide x 3 1/4" tall. Simpson synthetic brush at 30 mm, two shaving soaps - Caswell Massey & Grooming Dept. each 50% left. $55.00.


Four HC&C shaving soap samples, a silver colored (I do not believe it is silver) vintage bowl for lathering, an empty Vegetal glass flask - just 1.5 ounces so it is tiny. Boxed razor with vintage blades has Pat. Nov. 15 '04 inscribed around the base of the handle. The box is barely held together, very poor condition. All corner teeth are bent inward. No Gillette markings. Serial number on top of cap is D 882301, wonderful patina. Second box with blue interior is in better condition, lid snaps shut, free Gillette blade bank as seen. $27.00 for the lot.

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Two lots left, let's combine them for a nice value.

The silver bowl lot is $27.00. The Simplex travel set lot is $29.00.

I will put them both together for just $39.00.

First to PM me their email address so I can send the invoice gets them both and remember, The Captain always tosses in a few free samples - win / win!
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