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Happy lefthanders day!

Are you a lefty, a righty or ambi?

  • I'm left handed

  • I'm right handed

  • I'm ambidextrous

  • I'm whatever King Art says I am

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I am a lefty. I do somethings with my right but I can't do things equally well with both so I am not ambidextrous.
I'm a lefty, clearly though a left handed person is more interested in clicking on the thread, or else we've completely reversed the normal proportion in society of right handed to left handed, which I think is somewhere around 1 in 12-14.

Being left handed is all ok except for having to lean your hand into a kind of awkward position while writing with a pen so you don't smudge as you go across the page.

But I think like most other people I'm kind of ambidextrous because you just get used to using things in a right handed way.
My handwriting isn't as good with my left hand, but I can do everything else equally well, well my fastball is few miles an hour slower too. I box southpaw.
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I'm Lefty, about the only thing I can't do right handed is write, However I am sure with a little practice I would do fine.

I was forced to take tennis lessons some years back, and the instructor did not know what to do when I simply switched hands with the racket to hit the ball depending which side of me it was comming on.

My father on the other hand has a right arm for looks only
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