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Half Price sale while they last

Half price sale - while they last! We are nearly done clearing out our discontinued North fragrance. The aftershave and soap are now gone. We do have some North cream and North balm left. In order to make way for our soon-to-be-released new fragrance line the remaining stock of North is now HALF PRICE: https://www.captainschoicestore.com/all

10465_034_Tif.jpg 10465_042_Tif.jpg
Alright, you got me. I had almost bought a North Balm a few weeks ago with a different order when I heard the discontinuation news, but decided against it. No longer.


Received my North Cream and Balm today. Thanks Scott for the extras. One I like very much. Maybe the only one Downunder?
Thank you! I snagged me a jar of the cream and the shave balm also bought a heavyweight bowl while I was on your site can’t wait to get it
The inventory is getting down to the very end now. Thanks guys for doing your part - @Maponis, @ajkel64, @Steinmetzify, @Frozenshades. In nine years this is actually the first sale of a product line we have had other than an occasional lather bowl "seconds" sale. So it is a rarity but glad our products are going into good hands. Room is nearly cleared out for Nor'easter to take over in the next month or so.
Hmmm nor easter...looks interesting anyone try it?
I got a sample with my order I like it a lot have already ordered a bottle waiting on it to come I’m not good with notes but it is a pleasant scent and feels good on the face