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Haircut (and a shave)

I love going to my local (well, near work local) barbershop (for Mitch - Garys on Grand River). Gary does a fine, utility job cutting hair, but what I love is at the end the LatherKing is fired up and the straight razor comes out to do the final touch ups and that barber shop aftershave goes on along with the talc duster. We got to talking this time and he didn't actually know the type of straight razor he used. He uses Personna injectibles that he buys by the case so it was something like a Dovo shavette but taking full length Feather type injectors or it may have been an old Feather. Red plastic handle, old and well handled. I didn't ask him if he ever did or does shaves as they usually turn em around pretty quick, but next time I will bring it up.

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