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Growing my hair out and can't tell if I'm thinning or not...

Any barbers or stylists or people generally knowledgeable about this stuff care to weigh in?

The only thing I notice is that weird less dense area above my left (right in photo) eye. I can't tell if that's true thinness or just how my hair grows.

I'll admit I am a bit paranoid about balding.

I'm 31 if it matters.
Hi @lookinsharp and welcome to Badger & Blade!

Without anything to compare these pictures to, it's hard to say. Your hair looks fine and tidy. I don't see anything that looks what I'd consider to be "thin". We (men) sometimes have a tendency to thin out, let alone completely lose it. You have lots left, my friend. Why worry? You still have it. Own it. It's all yours.
In many cases hair begins to thin as we age. In most cases it does it very slow as we get older. On some it happens at a much faster pace than others and sometimes people grow to be very old and still have a great head of hair. From the pictures I see normal thinning at the temples and the very top. I've been doing hair for a long time and I also develop hair care products. What you can do is a progressive procedure to determine if it is not normal hair loss. The first thing to do is go see a Dermatologist. They can do some tests to see if there is something actually wrong. If you choose not to go to a Dr what you can do is a process of elimination. First thing is get some hair, skin and nail vitamins at a place like GNC or any health food store. Their very inexpensive to use. Try them for 3 months to see if anything changes. While you are taking them make sure to get a DHT inhibiting shampoo which will eliminate any DHT or any other build up you may have, If you have a build up of DHT ( look it up ) this can act like a sealed cover, not allowing the hair to grow out of the scalp. If that doesn't work then the only other realistic thing that sometimes works is Rogaine. Only down side to using that is you can never stop if it works because if you do lets say stop in 3 yrs for example what will happen is within a 2 to 3 week period you will loose all the hair you would have lost in that 3 yr period in the 2 to 3 week period after stopping the use of it. Of course there is the option of having a hair transplant and of course it's very expensive and if you ever do make sure the Dr as at least a AA or better rating. AAA is the best rating. There are places on the internet you can check on Doctors ratings.
Also don't stress over it as it's been proven to accelerate the problem if you actually have one.

Hope that helps.
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