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    Greetings Gentlemen,

    I'm excited to finally be a vendor here on B&B. This is an amazingly civil, dedicated & generous community that I wish I would have discovered many years ago. In my short time lurking, it’s been an invaluable resource to feed a growing addiction.

    My wife & I opened a small barber shop back in 2000 & have been selling online almost as long. Starting with just American Crew products, we’ve been constantly expanding our offerings & horizons. Proraso, Merkur/Dovo, TOBS, Kent, MWF, Feather, Edwin Jagger, Cella & many others have been added over the years, with more to come. We hope you like our service, selection & prices, but suggestions are always welcomed.

    Our goal is to offer great value & 1st class service. That goes for our barber shop as well as our online business.

    Feel free to discuss or ask anything Men’s Room Barber Shop related in this thread.


    [FONT=&amp]P.S. As a small gesture of gratitude to this board, I’m offering 5% off to B&B members until the end of the year. Enter coupon code: badger5[/FONT]
  2. Sounds like a trip for brats and shaving supplies is due for this FIB.
  3. All FIBs are welcomed! I think you're on to something. Going to have to give some thought to a brats / shaving supplies promo!
  4. Jim

    Jim Moderator

    Great to have you here Zig! Thanks for the discount code too!
  5. Prof. Moriarty

    Prof. Moriarty Contributor

    Looks like a lovely shop, I second Jim's sentiments.
  6. Welcome to B&B. Turns out I work only 10 minutes away from your store. I'll have to swing by over lunch one of these days.
  7. Thanks Jeff. Stop by in the new year if you're still on that 2014 Shave Purchase Sabbatical! :wink:

    We're always working on finding retail shelf space to display everything in the shop. If there's something you see online, but not in the store, just ask. It's in the building.
  8. Yep, I'm still in the Sabbatical. Two weeks away from being done. Longest I have ever gone w/out purchasing any shave stuff. I don't need anything for 2015 as I have 5 years or more of stuff in stock, but I am missing the in-person interactions. Things like going to antique stores to shop and finding places like yours to go get a shave, hang out, and pick up some aftershave or something. Not doing to do the one in 2015 so I will be in to visit.

    Hope you enjoy your holidays. Merry Christmas!
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  9. Happy New Year everyone!

    As the holiday blur fades, we've decided to extend the 5% off to B&B members until the end of January. Code: badger5
  10. Toothpick

    Toothpick Moderator

    Sweet!! Thanks for the extension!

    And happy New Year!
  11. August West

    August West Moderator Emeritus

    Happy New Year, Zig!
  12. 5% off site-wide for B&B Members is back on through at least the end of May! Use code: badger5
  13. 5% off extended! Use code: badger5
  14. I am introducing myself as I am new and I read the rules so I am trying to abide by them hello gentleman!

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