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I've been looking for a super badger 19mm brush for some time now. I have 4 brushes, 3 silver tip and one super badger. 3 of my brushes are med. ones, but I have a Kent B4 silver tip which I use most often. I do like the smaller brushes, I find they work best for me. I've been wanting a super badger, small size, because at times I like the firmer brush. I've found that most brushes I've checked were a bit on the high side price wise. In checking for some time I came across the English Shaving Co. site. I found just what I wanted, a Edwin Jagger super badger 19mm. The price seemed right so I ordered it. When the final price showed up I was shocked. They don't charge you any tax as its being sent from England. Anyway the brush with a stand to hold it, and the shipping, only came to 10 cents more that the brush alone before any taxes and shipping were added. As far as I'm concerned thats a great deal on just what I was looking for. Its being ordered from England, and when all is said and done I got it cheaper that I could find anywhere. Give them a look for any needs you might have. They have just about any item you could want, and the prices seem great.:w00t:
I ordered a brush from there recently too (EJ MBB).

That minus VAT deduction is handy :thumbup1:

Freight is reasonable, and it came pretty quick.
I ordered it on a Monday, it was delivered to IL on Saturday.
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