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Good Shade Grown Beans Online

Could anyone recommend a website selling shade grown beans? Roasted, not green, and personally I like darker roasts. I'd like to find a place to order from since I am unaware of a local source other than Trader Joe's in my area. I am sure there are local shops, but I have yet to pull them up on Google. The closest Trader Joes is unfortunately not that close, and in Northern VA area traffic, it just makes you really not want to drive down there. If you happen to be local and know of an independent shop, I'd be more willing to drive there than Trader Joes. I am sure there has to be something in the Arlington or Falls Church area.
Haha, now you're talking my language! I have three awesome recommendations. The first is Counterculturecoffee dot com. Wide selection, small batch roastings, limited runs, etc. You can find it locally at northside social in clarendon at 3211 wilson blvd. Very cool place, and they have a great wine bar there as well. My second recommendation would be Stumptowncoffee dot com. Same as above, small batches, roasted in portland if I remember correct. You can find it locally in Boccato Gelato & espresso, also in clarendon at 2719 wilson blvd, and also Cork Market and tasting room, in D.C. at 1805 14th st. The third recommendation would be Intelligentsiacoffee dot com. Homebased in Chicago, and can be found locally in D.C. at the Chinatown coffee company, 475 H st. NW. If you need any more just ask.

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