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Good idea?

So, I was looking for some ideas for a good ASB. After looking around for awhile I stumbled upon the review for Corn Husker's Lotion. The most common downside to this stuff was the smell. That got me thinking, what if you mixed this stuff with SCS's Tony's Choice? It seems that this stuff smells great, but doesn't work very well.

So, I think I'm going to see if I can find some CHL and a small bottle and try this out.

If you all want to give it a try feel free, if you wanna buy some shoot me a PM :lol: (that was a joke, just for clarification.)
I have been using Cornhusker's on my hands this winter with very good results in keeping the skin from cracking. On seeing this post and remembering many others on making your own ASB with Cornhusker's, I just put a small dab on my cheek. Like on my hands, it absorbs but not completely; still have to wipe if off with a towel. Like on my hands, it leaves the skin slick; rather like coated. The smell is not that bad; I could get use to it on my face. However, for a nice smelling, soothing feel, easily absorbed balm, look no further than Wesley & Scotts from Shaving Essentials. Costs a bit more, you won't be making it yourself if that is your hobby, but I think it will serve you better. Around $10 plus shipping for a bottle; a number of scents available.
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