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Hello! Joined today but I've been learning from all of you for a couple of months. I became interested in traditional wet shaving due to my news feed being inundated with ads for the Henson razors. It dawned on me how much money I was throwing away on cartridges for whatever five blade razor I had (I'm a once a day head shaver plus my face whenever I could muster up the interest to do it) and I realized that there might be a better way to do it. I bought a Henson mild and didn't care for it at all but thanks to you all I've developed a fairly serious case of Vintage Razor Aquisition Syndrome. I've pretty much cleaned out the antique stores and flea markets in my immediate area and have been hitting the auction site for anything that strikes my fancy. Anyway, thanks again for helping a guy get his feet and face wet in de shaving.
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I shaved a fortune
Welcome to the B&B community from Gainesville, Florida.

While you are searching out Vintage razors, if you get a chance, try one of the Gillette NEW 1930s razors... the Long and/or Short Combs.... They have provided nice shaves for me.
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