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Golden Beards Kobenhavn


Has anyone ordered one of these new razors: Golden Beards Kobenhavn 3 piece brass razor.
Looks suspiciously like a Fatip and says its made in Italy for a Danish company based in Copenhagen. $40.00 for a new brass razor is great and very tempting but as with Fatip, there have been some complaints of blade alignment issues. If this is so, its too bad. With just that extra bit of quality control, it could be an heirloom-quality razor. But again, I haven't actually seen one in person. If you've purchased one of these razors, please let us know about the fit and finish (blade alignment especially).

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Interesting. I hadn't heard of them before, but Golden Beards (Golden Shave) appears to be a B&B vendor: Golden Shave - Handmade Shaving Products from Denmark

And, as you surmised, the razor seems to be made for them by Fatip. They mention that the razors are handmade in a village near Lake Como, Italy. Fatip is located in Premana which is a stone's throw from Lake Como.

Therefore, I'd guess that the quality control (or lack thereof) would be comparable.

Having said that, I own a Fatip Lo Storto Originale and it's a fantastic razor. I've used it daily for 18 months straight and I have no complaints about the fit and finish.
I was thinking about buying the Golden beards because they offer both the gentile and open comb in gold tone. I could only find the fatip se with a black cap. Pretty sure they are made by Fatip but they arent the same. The Golden beards appears to have 9 teeth, the fatip have 11.

I ended up buying a storto piccolo and have zero alignment issues.
Thanks for the replies. I have a Fatip slant with no alignment issues. However, I've had two Fatip Piccolo's both with blade alignment issues. Luck of the draw with the slant? The Fatip "Special Edition" looks similar to the Golden Beards Kobenhavn. Different color theme though.
It's a Fatip Piccolo SE without the black finish on the handle. I asked them about it before I ordered.
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