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Gold Dollar Competition, 2013

Got home from work today and there was a surprize on the table:
Our 3 year old didn't want to go to sleep last night.

And, there was another surprize:
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Ordered December 27th. $27 for 8. I was surprised how sharp it was. Anyway, this is my first batch, so will have fun playing with them, when I can find the time.
I'm still waiting for mine! I put the order on Aliexpress on December 6th!! I'm waiting until Friday and if they're not arrived, I'm contacting the seller for a refund...
I think I used the seller win-win 011.
Yup that's the one I used as well. I just sent him a message. There's a tracking number associated with the package that says it was received by China post, but no updates since then... At least the seller has a full refund policy if the package isn't received in 60 days.
I'd say give it 21-30 days from Hong Kong to the US.

I don't know what it is about Canada, but I think your Customs and Post collude to hold packages as long as possible. it averages me to Vancouver, 30 odd days. I can get a package from Van in 5.

Slash McCoy

I freehand dog rockets
People make me jealous. I'd never be able to do something great like this. HA

Its like the special olympics. Everybody is a winner. Everybody gets a prize, too... a custom straight razor. Go for it! Dont worry if the first one doesnt turn out very pretty cause first of all, pretty dont shave, and second, the first one is a learner. Well, they are all learners. Just get wild, and be safe, and have fun.
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