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Ginger v. MaryAnn

Slash McCoy

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Ginger = nothing special. Without the coiffure and the warpaint, meh. Probably high maintenance, very superficial. All about her. Drama Queen. MaryAnn OTOH would know instinctively how to keep a man warm at night. Probably can cook and clean, and not whine about not having the help to do it. She looks adorable, too. Cuter than a sack full of kittens. I got to go with MaryAnn.


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I see "little buddy" was the big winner in the original thread.
Nothing new under the sun. A newbie indiscretion. Perhaps it might be worth revisiting for some.:blush:
Well there is no poll so ........... fail

The other referenced thread failed to activate multi-choice (as the correct answer is 'BOTH') so ............. fail there as well.
Not to be greedy, but....

I'll choose both!

(a standard B&B answer to choose one or the other type question)
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