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FS Gillettes, Lady G, short comb, black handle SS, Techs, ‘48-49 SS

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1. Gold GEM, nice door $10.
2. Short comb NEW will shine up nicely $15.
3. Flare tip SS L1, shiny, clean $15.
4. G4 Tech shiny & clean $15.
5. No date code Tech replated in either chrome or rhodium I can’t honestly tell. Beautiful looking $30.
6. N4 and N1 black handle flare tips, $10 each or $15 for both. N4 is nicer as the N1 has some minor corrosion under head.
7. S2 black handle flair tip, very nice condition $20.
8. L4 Lady Gillette starburst, very clean, minor bites on the doors. $15.
9. ‘48-49 SS both excellent, left one in pic has shiner handle but both are great. $15 each.

All of these are mechanically sound. Message me for more detailed images.

Shipping is $6 per order.


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