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Gillette Tech Aggressive, maybe a mismatch?

Well Drake - first off welcome to B&B!

And second, it could be me or just the photo, but I believe the cap of my prewar Tech is much closer to the baseplate than yours appears to be. Yours appears to be hoovering thereby increasing the blade gap and lessening the blade clamping. And what blade dd you use?

I just went upstairs to check and both my prewar US and prewar Canada are almost snug to the baseplate (provided some room as I put a blade in). I know you probably already did or already know, but are you sure the handle is tight to the baseplate (not King Kong tight - just tight)?

Another part is that the Tech while mild does have positive blade exposure. The blade gap of a Tech is on average around 0.6.

Interestingly enough I read the Lord L6 to be quite the aggressive razor over the Tech - and apparently that's the other way around for you. Do give the Tech a chance. It is a marvellous razor.


My post-war tech is more aggressive than my Lord L6 to me.
Thank you everyone for your advice and kind offer from bubo_strix. I’ll post some more pictures below. Based on @cranewarrior’s picture, the gap looks greater on my tech and maybe the head and baseplate are mismatched.

Thank you for the welcome. I used Astra SP, Wilkinson Sword (Germany), and Gillette Platinum All gave the same amount of aggression.

The handle is as tight as I can get it without making it difficult to remove. I did look at the blade gap on the forums but I didn’t expect this to be more aggressive than a 6C with an R5 plate. I don’t mind blade exposure but couldn’t find a way to keep my face not getting torn up.

I really do want to give the Tech a chance and won’t let this be the end of my DE journey. I’m finally in a place where I’m not using an L6 to shave every day because that’s all I could afford.

Lovely razor! I was honestly shocked and it’s why I posted here. I tend to lurk more than anything but wanted the collective wisdom of B&B to help me out.

Same except for ShaveByTheNumber’s detailed post about it but I figured he was just really sensitive to the blade exposure or something. The gap on the sides looks larger than what cranewarrior posted. I’ll have pics below.

@Blackland Razors
Handle is clean of debris and my 6C handle seems to clamp it about as well as the fat handle did. Fat handle seems to clamp the 6C just fine. Base plate on the tech is unbent.

The side gap loos much smaller on your Tech. Looks lovely and well-loved over the years.

Agreed that aggressive is hard to define. It’s definitely a YMMV moment. I’ve always found Astra SP to be very mild and thought that would be a good baseline. I use super light pressure, just enough to keep the razor on my face. I’ve been DE shaving for a while and figured I had a reasonable grasp on it. Like I said before, I expected this to be far more mild than a 6C R5 or L6 with a feather.

Thank you so much. I’d love to take you up on that and will find another way to PIF to others. You’re a legend.
In your last picture, the gap is NOT even....seems crooked, more on the right side.

I would suggest you send this set of pictures to REmp. and request an exchange.....they should send you a "normal" razor.
Heard back from RE and there was a plate mismatch. They are sending a replacement head with matching plates for the fat handle. Is it possible to change the title of the thread so this is less misleading now that we know the issue?
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