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    Offering a few of the razors that I've collected.
    All are usergrade and work as suppost to.

    1. Britisch Gillette rocket HD. Good plating, one dull spot on one of the doors 0.3 inches wide.
    Asking $30 US ex shippingcosts

    2. Britisch Gillette flare tip rocket.
    Good plating, real grippy knurling and knob. Possibly not much used.
    Asking $ 25 US ex shippingcosts

    3. USA ball end Tech set.
    Good plating. Gillette logo on cap bearly visable.
    Asking $ 10 US ex shippingcosts

    Shipping rate world wide:
    - 1 razor $ 4,91 US
    - Multiple razors $ 9,82 US (max 350 grams / 12 ounces)

    Payment via PayPal, family and friends conditions. To keep shippingcosts as low as possible I will send the razors in a bubblewrap envelop is a letter. I don't have a affordable option to ship with track and trace.
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  1. Rocket flare tip

    Tech set
  2. PM sent on the Tech
  3. That's wrong guess right here!

    Please fix that according to the forum rules!
    • For buyer protection Badger & Blade recommends using PayPal Goods and Services for payment
    English is not my native language, so my apologies if I misunderstood something. Above the guideline for the BST section. I just read to use PayPal as a payment service (without specific details). What setting in PayPal does it have to be?
  4. Friends & Family option offers no protection for you or the buyer if someone is unhappy.
    It usually works in favour of the seller.

    Paypal Goods &Services protects both you and the buyer, provided you follow certain conditions, like uploading a tracking no to Paypal website in the transaction details. That way Paypal can monitor the sale.

    However this option means Paypal will take a cut of the price....so if someone pays you #30 for a razor you will
    get 4-5% less.

    To use this option you have to send the buyer a request for payment using this tab on the PayPal site...for this you need the buyers PayPal email address
  5. Thanks for you info. I will look in to that.
  6. Tech set is sold.
  7. Pricedrop on the top remaing razors.

    Rocket HD, $ 25,-
    Rocket flare tip, $ 20,-

    (can one of the mods reach out to me too look at the payment and shipping conditions? )
  8. cleanshaved

    cleanshaved Moderator

    Guys, the rule was altered to a recommendation only.
    • For buyer protection Badger & Blade recommends using PayPal Goods and Services for payment.
  9. Sorted out.
  10. Jim

    Jim Moderator

    As a suggestion...shipping razors in a bubble envelop is a recipe for a damaged razor.
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