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Gillette Permasharp / Gillette Permasharp super


on RazorbladesClub they offer Gillette Perma-Sharp Super (according to the text) with a picture of a package of Gillette Perma-Sharp (no "super").
On Amazon.de it is the other way around: The text says Perma-Sharp (no "super") and the picture of the case says Perma-Sharp Super.

I find this mixing not very Perma-Smart....

Are these types interchangeable?
If not: What are the differences?

And: Is it normal, that Razorbladesclub currently needs quite a while to react on an order?
Not sure where the confusing names come from, but Gillette is producing blades for different markets.

This blade (gold pack) is one of the best ones made at Saint Petersurg. Labelled Perma-Sharp Super or just Perma-Sharp. The ones in the gold pack are all the same. Made in Russia.


This blade (green pack) is pretty good, but less sharp and does not last as long (Permasharp - Stainless). Made in India.


I got my orders from RBC is about 10-14 days. Reliable but slow. Shipped from Germany. They seem to consolidate orders bound for the same country together, then the individual orders get mailed out again from another address in the recipient country.
If you like your blades super sharp- the Permasharp Super blades made in Russia are the ones you should choose. These blades rank right up there with Feather, BIC Chrome Platinum and Nacet blades. They are not the smoothest blades.

The 7 O'Clock Permasharp stainless blades made in India fall into the mid-sharp category along with Gillette Platinum, Gillette Silver Blue, and others. For many shavers, these blades are plenty sharp. If you like mid-sharp blades, you might try the 7 O'Clock Super Stainless made in Russia that also comes in a green package, so it can get confused with Permasharps.
Hi gents!
HAPPY NEW YEAR! All the best to YOU! :)

My current favourite is the Gillette Swedish Super Steel.
Now I tried the Gillette Permasharp and noticed the following:
- I need more time for touch ups
- The shaveing process is not as "careless" (WARNING! No native speaker ahead! WARNING!) as with the Rapiras
- The result lasts longer...indication for a closer shave
- The blade is not as cheap as the Rapiras

How does the durability / number of shaves of the blade compare to the Rapira Swedish Super Steel?
This needs to be evaluated to get the "total cost of ownerships" <cough> ;)

Prior I was more a friend of the yellow 7'clocks as of the greens.

I am still waiting for an order of blades from RBC...
I get a couple more shaves from the Permasharps (3-5), than from the Rapiras (3). I really like the Rapiras, but IME the Permsharps are a level up: worth the additional investment for me.
Rapira Swedish Supersteel is a good mid-sharp blade. I think the Gillette Perma-Sharp Super (gold pack) is a sharper blade that lasts longer, too. It's totally up to you which one is preferred.
My current impression is, that the Rapira Swedish Super Steel blades are easier to handle for me. The skin is lesser stressed with them. BUT: I am still a bloody newbie (pun intended ;) ) ...
Just a question on the Perma- Sharp. My first shave using that was flawless, did not even feel the blade in my Gillette Black handle superspeed. 2nd day after the shave, felt like I had shaved the night before.

2nd & 3rd Shave did not go that way - just felt rough and shave did not last. Almost felt like its good only for the first shave.

Is this just something I experienced or has anyone else felt that?
So I guess for me - I loved the coated blade but the "bare cold steel" just did not work for me. C'est la vie - will go thru rest of my samples.
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