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Gillette Open Comb

Hello all!

Over the weekend I was with my girlfriend and we went to an antique mall. I was digging through the place and came across a DE razor. I got into the case and it was a Gillette Open Comb. It was in excellent shape and I purchased it quickly. I have one question though, how old is it? I have examined it thoroughly and there only identifier on it is the Gillette stamp. I will get out the camera tomorrow and post some pics. Any ideas?


The logo is the standard Gillette diamond though the word Gillette is slight cut off and I think it has a tiny word "man" beisde the logo.
There are so many variants of these razors that a photo is almost a must.

Does the razor have 2 studs come down though the head on either side of the handle ? are the teeth on the comb straight or do they bend down? if you notice the top two on the left they are NEW model razors and are some of the finest shavers made by Gillette The other 2 comb razors are older and need special shims to make them work correctly note the straight teeth (the old blades were thicker) Hope this is helpful,There is a good post around on this -I will look some more



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