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Gillette Canada Pocket Edition

Picked up this Canadian Pocket Edition today
Not sure if this pouch is original equipment but it is old..

Shell pattern case

The thin, solid handle razor is not in the greatest shape.
t is suffering from a fair amount of worn plating
and still requires some cleaning (especially the teeth)

A chip in the plating...

A couple of bent teeth and severe plating loss on the back of the comb guard

Serial number 141934

Judging by the case design, I'm guessing this one would date to 1917'ish

Thanks for looking

Great set there! I don't believe the pouch is part of the original though. I have seen a few of these NOS and none have included a pouch before.

Hopefully the bent teeth don't affect it too much or at all. Good find and many happy shaves wished!

Shave On!
Straightening the teeth on Old Types is pretty straightforward too - the brass is not cast like 'New' models, so will take some moving without snapping.

A nice coat of silver will have it looking like new too - that exposed brass will tarnish if not polished often.

Enjoy your 'new' old :)
Thats a nice Set, I have those Razors in Chrome and Silver Plated, They are nice Razor and The handle is Solid as well they don't have the Hair line Cracks or Large/Full Splits on the handle issue :eek:)

Nice find Enjoy .

Does anyone know the exact manufacturer date? I'm not sure.

Great razor. Aligning teeth is very easy with a knife. I do, as in the photo, with the sharp side up and very carefully moving forward closer to the center of the blade.
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