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Gillette blade angle:Redux

This from WikiShave regarding the Gillette toggle:

Notes of Interest: Limited production in 1957-1958, with national distribution in 1960. Prototypes have serial numbers rather than date codes. Variations included gold- and nickel-plate. While the head of the razor looks like that of the Gillette Fat Boy, the gap adjustment (common red dot version) works differently. In the Fat Boy turning the adjustment knob lifts or lowers a bar underneath the blade changing the angle of the blade in relation to a fixed gap between the razor head doors and a fixed safety bar. In the toggle the razor blade maintains a fixed angle and turning the adjustment knob raises or lowers the safety bar.

Question: Do the Slims and SuperAdjustables work the same as the FatBoy or more like Merkurs with the blade angle emaining constant?
Gillette Adjustable Safety Razor History (website of same name):
The Gillette adjustable safety razor was introduced in 1958. The key innovation, setting it apart from the standard safety razors of the day was that the razor could be adjusted to provide a more aggressive blade angle for a closer shave, or shallower for a more forgiving shave.

Note from RyeBlade: So the safety bar doesn't move and the more agressive angle results from lowering the tent pole so to speak to create a more acute blade angle with the cap. This then would would require changing the handle angle to acommodate the blade/face contact.
Is that correct? (I think I'm moving my lips in front of everybody) Apologies if this info is old news, but this set up potentially can make adjustables more aggressive than Merkurs depending on the gap limitations, yes?
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