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Gillette Aristocrats: #66 v. #16

For anyone that wasn't watching, the auction just ended for a REALLY nice razor.

This raises a lot of questions about the British Aristocrats. First of all, I just want to know how many variations there are. Someone in a comment also mentioned a #22.

Also, this razor looks EXACTLY like a #66 to me, except for the metal box. Has anyone ever seen a "#66" with that box before. I actually have one, which I was told, and have believed, was a #66 that had been put in the wrong box. Now it looks more like I do not have a #66 after all :frown: , but do have a perhaps less common #16, which also has a cooler box :001_smile .

Anybody know anything about this stuff.
RAD has hit me hard. Over the last 24 hours I've bought 4 older Gillettes which will hopefully make it into Belgium by the end of next week. I was in fact keeping a very close eye on that one and trying to win it but in the last minute the bids went skyhigh.

Ah well, there's always next time but not often can you find these beauties. :wink:
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