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Gem Razor

Picked up this Gem Rzor along with a few more at an auction and I know nothing about it. If any one has data regarding Gem I would appreciate it. I have attached a few pictures so for those of you that have never seen one here it is.
That is a nice razor. Some call it the G-Bar or G-Love because they like the shave it gives. Do a search using either name. I believe that they were made in the 1950's. They have a nice plating, I wonder if it is nickel. They tend to clean up nice. I found stainless blades for mine at Walgreens and CVS Pharmacy. Some say that they shave best while having it at a very slight angle off of the face.
Thanks for the data, I will check out both drug stors for blades as I would like very much to try it out. I have been wet shaving for over 50 years and have only recently gotten back into the DE razors. Still have to use store bought throw aways when I travel however what a pain.
The G-Bar is a name give to this razor on the boards if I'm not mistaken. For some reason I'm drawing a total blank as to what GEM called it. Somewhere there is a great shot of this razor in the original packaging, I'll have to do some better searching.
The G-Bar has a large following of loyal fans. Their head is nearly identical to a Featherweight, but the all metal construction adds some heft. There seems to be two varieties of the G-Bar, the one with knurling like yours and one with a smooth part running down the front and back of the handle.
Lots of guys are starting to discover the great shaves SE razors can give. They do have a slightly different technique than that of DE, but well worth the effort. It also seems that even the big chain pharmacies are very hit and miss as far as SE blades go. I recommend starting with the phone book and calling all the places that have a pharmacy to save you some gas and frustration looking for blades.
Good luck with your new razor, GEMs are great razors!:thumbup1:

EDIT: I found the thread here. Unfortunately the pic was a link to an E-Bay auction, IIRC. It was a shot of 6 G-Bars, or as they were called "Heavy Flat Top" razors, in a sales display. Anyone still have that pic?
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