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Gem Bullet/Flying Wing blades?

Hi all
My new-found love affair with SE continues, with a NOS G-Bar on its way across the pond and a slightly worn Micromatic Bullet/FW. I saw an old advert for the Bullet (photo was not very clear) and the blades did not appear to have the 'clip' (?) of the Gem blades I'm using with my present G Bar & ER 1912 - am I mistaken or does it take a clipless blade? In which case, I'm guessing it would require the removal of a Gem clip (no big problem I assume)?

Since acquiring the G-Bar & 1912 I haven't touched my DE's...and, gulp, I may be the proud owner of a Cobra before long (finger's x'd). I must do some reading into why I'm finding SE is so much better than DE - thickness of the blade, constant angle etc.

Have a smooth day, guys.
At the same time the Flying Wing was being marketed (late '40's), "Gem Reversible Blades" were also being marketed. The were essentially double-edged blades designed for a single edge razor (hence no place for a spine). You could just turn the blade around when you wore out the first edge. They were specifically designed for the Micromatics and won't fit in the older Gem razors.

That being said, the Flying Wing will take the regular Gem blades (with spine) just fine.
Thank you HT & Mr Flay...no need to go hunting blades!
The Reversible explains the blade I saw in the ad. And, 'spline' - thanks for giving me the correct term!
That's probably what those nubs on some of the micromatics are for. To make up for not having a spine on those reversible blades.