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Futur Vs Superspeed

Well all done and where the futur is nice and heavy and does all the work for you I found the SS needs a little help,So the prep went a little like this fitted new Personna Platinum-Chrome blade had a quick shower while my brush soaked in hot water then whipped up a great lather (even if I do say so myself) applied a nice even coat and set to work. And yes while the razor is light and small (well that how it seems to me) it went through 2 days growth in 2 passes under the nose was easy and over all a great shave..... But now for the but.. I found it to light for me and a touch small in my hands as due to a lot of Extreme sports my hands are a little F**ked and not a lot of feeling in there. So maybe this one may get put to the back and I will wait to get the FB for those days when I want the vintage feel
The slim has a lower profile head than the fatboy so easier to shave under the nose, but it still has a good heft to it.Get one and give it a try, they are also cheaper than the fb.
Just think the slim is a touch small for me but it did give me a great shave as does my futur but want a FB and when I can trade I will put the SS along with a leather man wave multi tool.
Which SS are you using?

I have a '59 Flare Tip SS and a 48-49 as well. The '59 is definitely more aggressive (and IMHO better balanced for the job) than the 48-49.


Its a 1953 like I said its nice but due to my hands just need something with a bit more girth :lol: hence the Futur and my vintage dream FB
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