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FS FS > KARVE CB Brass Plates (4) & Wide Cap Plus a Bonus

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FS > KARVE CB Brass Plates (4) & Wide Cap Plus a Bonus

Hey All,

Hope everyone is having an amazing weekend!

Here we go......

These plates and cap have very light usage.

Super well maintained, hand polished (Brasso) stored in an airtight container (w/ Non-Abrasive Anti-Tarnish Strips)

So why the sell…Purchased recently for my brother and he is no longer using these. Took well over a month for the order competition.

Anthony is keeping the Wagner handle and all the higher plated.

Now this will be sold as a “lot”, and I will not be breaking this package up.

Note: The bonus is a GFS Bayonetta Brass handle (M5)

  • Tip: the M5 handle does fit the Karve wide cap.
  • My key suggestions when using a M5 handle on a #10x30 cap”:
  • Use a washer good pvc washer/buffer - help protect the over tightening
  • Stay will the same metal type (brass w/ brass)
  • Never, Never… Over Tighten!
  • Keep the threads clean and lightly keep threads lubricated (olive/avocado oil)

Ok after all that, this Package Includes:

  • Karve CB Brass OC Plate B (1)
  • Karve CB Brass OC Plate C (1)
  • Karve CB Brass SB Plate B (1)
  • Karve CB Brass SB Plate C (1)
  • Karve CB Brass Widebody Top Cap (1)
  • *Bonus: The Goodfellas Smile Bayonetta Brass Handle*

CONUSA only (sorry) / Ships from NH

$ 110 shipping included ( for the lot)


This is not my first rodeo, so you can have some confidence!
Please check out the pics below.
This is a great daily shaver kit + with some great fine-tuning options.
Thanks For Viewing!
Enjoy Every Moment of the Shave




Well, how the hell does the bayonetta handle look like w/ a karve cb plate .......



Again thanks for viewing..
Per requests, will break this K CB Brass lot up:

Karve CB SB Plates (2) B & C with a Karve CB Wide (1) Cap ( bonus free handle shown above - T.G.F.S. B) : $63 - free CONUS ship

Karve CB OC Plates (2) B & C only :
$ 52 free CONUS ship


PM me for any questions
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