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From SR shaving every 12 hours to only every 48 hours


Girls call me Makaluod
I normally shave about every 24 hours, three passes; WTG, XTG+CdM and XTG in opposite direction.

For this past week I have been SR shaving every 12 hours and really enjoying the extra passes (6 in total) per day. This was done in my study to try and determine if my whiskers grew more during the night than during the day. They don't. Growth rate is about even.

Next Thursday I will be starting a new class in SR shaving for some beginners. The students will be using Titan ACRM-2 T.H.60 SRs honed to shave-ready by myself. My honing routine always includes a shave test to ensure that the edge is up to standard. These blades will be tested over the next few days.

For my first demonstration shave to the class, I wish to have a 48 hour growth so they can see that I actually have something to shave. I have never gone for a full 48 hours without SR shaving. Never had the willpower to forego the enjoyment of shaving for that long.

I hope I can last.
There’s a certain satisfaction that comes with shaving multiple days growth. I went 4 days without shaving over the Victoria Day long weekend, and that shave at the end of the weekend with a freshly honed razor was amazing.

I remember back in the bad old days of using carts they were always getting clogged up if I had a couple days growth. But I could only shave every other day most because of the razor burn. Guaranteed no clogging with a straight!
I agree there is avery gratifying and pleasurable shaving after a couple of days, yet, I can never bring myself to skip a day, it only happens on long flights that I skip and enjoy the ”longer growth” shave.


Girls call me Makaluod
It's now 36 hours since my last shave. My face is feeling like 80 grit sandpaper and I'm looking like a swaggie.

Once I get to sleep I should be right until tomorrow morning's shave.


Girls call me Makaluod

Fourty-eight hours without a shave.

This morning's shave was sooo satisfying.


I will now go for another shave-free 48 hours so that I have some whiskers to show in my demonstration shave to the class on Thursday.
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