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Fragrance / Scent of the day.

Nope, only mentioned it TWICE.

Fact is, if an item advertises itself as a COLOGNE, rather than an AFTERSHAVE, and charges accordingly, I think, at the very least, it should LAST as long as a typical cologne does, which would be attributable to a higher concentration of essential OILS, hence the extra expense.

I merely stated that since it did not have the expected staying power it SHOULD, I am making my fellow members aware of it, so that they may consider spending their well earned dollars on other, more worthy alternatives.
Certainly a valid perspective but not necessarily the only one. 4711, supposedly the original cologne or at least a very old one, lasts but minutes. Guerlain Imperiale, a very similar scent in a much fancier bottle bearing a much heftier price tag, is similarly fleeting. The price of AdP is enough out of my comfort zone that it is unlikely I shall ever experience it, but for me the fleeting nature of very traditional predominantly citrus colognes is how light and ephemeral their scent is. I never wanted to be the guy whose scent announced his arrival or the one who triggered a headache for someone in close quarters.
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