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I've been reading your reviews here with great interest. I don't really know much yet about this topic, but I've noticed the price range for most of the "favorite scents" is on the high end. There is no way I'm going to spend $100-$200 for a fragrance. That gets my two kids into a little league. Are there fragrances in the $$ range instead of the $$$ and $$$$ range? Can you list some of your $$ favorites for us newcomers?

I'm another cheapskate who isn't willing to spend the big bucks for a couple ounces of foo-foo juice! :rolleyes1

Some good ones that are inexpensive and readily found (check Marshalls, TJ Maxx, or Ross stores):

  • Grey Flannel (Geoffrey Beene)
  • Quorum
  • PS (Paul Sebastian)

I'm sure some of the regulars will have plenty of other suggestions.
I get consistent compliments on Lagerfeld Classic. (about $30/bottle)

The folks on basenotes, tho, seem to think that it's been reformulated into a "lighter" version of itself.

Also, a number of compliments on T&H Grafton, tho that that runs about $75/bottle.
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Rive Gauche pour Homme can be found online for roughly 30 and is excellent.

The Caron's for men (pour homme, Yatagan & Third Man) can also be found for 25.

There are a TON of excellent frags in the $ to $$ price range that are great.
Brooks Brothers 1818 and Gucci pour Homme, which are two that I actually own bottles of rather than a bunch of tiny samples. :blushing:
Not sure where the breaking point between $$ and $$$ is, but some frags I like at less than $100 per 100 ml

Bonny Doon/Meehan Bay Rum

St Johns Bay Rum

L'Occitane Eau de L'Occitan
L'Occitane Eau de Baux

Knize Ten

Trumpers Ajaccia Violets

Truefitt and Hill Freshman
Truefitt and Hill Spanish Leather

Art of Shaving Sandalwood
Some of us rarely buy full bottles of this stuff. It is far cheaper to buy a decant (small atomizer with 5ml or 10ml of juice).

A full bottle can stick you with a fragrance which you may or may not continue to like for the years it might take to use it all.

Some here do have a hefty collection of expensive bottles of cologne. Not me. I have only 4 full bottles. One of those is Quorum (3.4 oz), which I bought recently for $14.99 plus tax. I also have Burberry London, Herrera for Men, and Brut Cologne.
Take a look at Booster aftershaves and Master Well Comb. I use Booster Iced Lime and Jickey. Master Well Comb Bay Rum is a real winner. Master Well Comb Topaz is next on my list. You can find some good stank and not spend a fortune. I'm not doggin' the high dollar stuff, I just dance with the one that brung me. :thumbup1:
Except for gifts the most expensive I routinely use are Caswell Massey products on sale-less that $30. More often I use Pinaud, Old Spice, 4711, Hoyts - $7-8! I get complements on all of them. Don't let price spook you-try some out, use what you or SWMBO like and accept the complements gracefully. These days so few men pay any attention to their presentation (except trimming their mullet) that the pleasant surprise of a nice aroma when someone is close enough to notice doesn't need an expensive product, only a carefully chosen one.
I have the same sensitivity to price that you do. I use G. Beene Gray Flannel, TOBS Sandalwood, Caron Pour Homme, Guerlain Habit Rouge and C. Klein Obsession; all edts with matching aftershave splash. Nice variety. I look for gift sets and testers to help with the cost.
I don't make anywhere near enough money to be able to afford anything that cost more than say $30.

As such, I have fallen in love with some of the so called "drugstore classics". The colognes that are not quite cutting edge, but still really wonderful stuff (at least in the eyes of this fragrance newbie).

For example:

-Clubman (technically an Aftershave, but it's quite strong)
-English Leather
-British Sterling
-Avon Wild Country
-Nautica Blue
-Old Spice

-Mcgraw by Tim Mcgraw (Mcgraw, Silver, and Southern Blend)

-Bath and Body Works New Men's Line (Oak, Noir, Ocean, Twilight Woods, and Citron; Oak is awesome. $30 for 3.4 oz. But an even greater deal if you catch a BOGO, making it a mere $15).

-More of a shot in the dark, but Basenotes indicates some of the clone fragrances can be quite good, especially the "Classic Match" version of Polo sold at Walmart.

-Finally, depending on how overused it is in your area, Cool Water by Davidoff (the cologne that started the aquatics phenomenon) can be had for $30 or less from quite a few online retailers.
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A lot of good suggestions here.

YSL Rive Gauche Pour Homme
Giorgio for Men
Caron Pour un Homme
Caron Third Man
Caron Yatagan
Grey Flannel
PS by Paul Sebastian
Azzaro Pour Homme
Brooks Brothers 1818

All are great scents and most can be found $30-$40. But you still need to get some idea of what you want to smell like. Most of these are pretty potent.
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-Bath and Body Works New Men's Line (Oak, Noir, Ocean, Twilight Woods, and Citron; Oak is awesome. $30 for 3.4 oz. But an even greater deal if you catch a BOGO, making it a mere $15).

+1 on the Bath & Body Works scents and I'll add the C.O. Bigelow range. All can be sampled at Bath & Body Works and go on sale frequently.
I agree with the high price of some of the scents. I recently received a Czech and Speake sampler. There were some very nice ones, but I can't see spending $115. for a bottle. I have recently purchased Speick AS and ASB (very nice) and Clubman. They are reasonable, but they don't have the everyday smell that I used in the past. Tabac is another reasonably priced brand.

I'm with michiganlover. I've lately discovered or rediscovered many classics that are wonderful and can be had for very little cost.
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