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For the Birds and Others

I bet this is a new one.....

I use to have a pair of Blue and Gold macaws. Macaws are beautiful birds but they are LOUD!!!


The Scarlet Macaws and Greenwing Macaws are great too.

If id of known we were showing random things we bought I would tear this thread up. Its not shaving but damnit if its not cool. Everything you see that carbonfiber is mine....wahahahahah Now to wait the 6 to 8 weeks for shipment.
And no none of this is for show appeal its all funtional....it just happens to look damn good while being functional. Now you know why I dont have money left over for shaving goods.
Couldn't resist posting a pic of my buddy Spenser. 15 years old, full of various ailments, ornery, and with a devotional focus on yours truly.

BTW, in the background is the bottom of my 75 gallon salt water reef aquarium. Another hobby to dump all your money on....
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