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Florida water

Bought some for fun a while back. Used it more as a body splash. It didn't excite strong feelings either way, but I was mildly negative at first.
I like the Peruvian Florida Water best. But it has it's place. Not a daily use for sure.

BTW, my wife has a Florida Water that is completely different smelling. Very, much more feminine than the M&L

Here's a photo:

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I use it in the evening as an astringent to clean my face of oils and such, on the occasion that I use it as a splash I mix it with Lucky Tiger after using SdM Madarin Orange soap, very pleasant and refreshing.

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Ah, the Hong Kong / Chinese version of Florida Water.

Our local asian market has something like that behind the counter; I need to get up the courage to try to ask about it ... ordering a Bahn Mi is about the best I can do in there.

I like Florida water but I don't use it much for aftershave. I use it around the house for an air freshener. I keep a bottle in my truck for the same reason and I will slap some on occasionallY. I made an order on the 17th from their new website and I have emailed them twice since then asking if they had shipped it and still have not heard from them. I used PayPal so they got their money right away. I am about ready to start a dispute through PayPal. They don't seem to have a very good website.
If you use their website, call them to place the order. The online ordering seems to be in a bit of disarray. Very easy to deal with on the phone though.
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