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First straight razor shave

First straight razor shave last night.
Started with my usual prep. A shower with a good face scrub with soap. Then soaked my brush (a VDH cheapy from Walmart) then a few swirls in my AoS sandalwood. A few go arounds on the face and let the lather sit a couple of extra mins to soften my whiskers.

I have read that newbies should be doing first passes with their DEs to reduce stubble. I figured I would jump right in. Now I know different.

I would agree with a lot of other member's first experience. Blade placement was my biggest problem. It felt like I was cutting myself every time I brought the blade to my face without moving it. Also, I'm not sure I understand dull blade newbie syndrome. That edge was super sharp and I knew and certainly felt it.

The shave itself was a little dicey. There are a lot of things to juggle at once. A momentary lapse in skin pulling and I got a nice blade length slice on the bottom right of my neck. Another small nick next to my chin. All taken care of with a styptic pencil. Man that stings! Cleaned up with my EJ89. Smidge of razor burn around the slice tells me I was using too much pressure.

Shaving with a straight razor certainly helps you appreciate the advances in shaving for the past 100 years. Although not all of them were necessarily an improvement.

A couple questions:

1. It mat be personal preference, but should I strop before a shave, after a shave, or both?

2. My razor came coated in Vaseline. Is it ok to continue that? I don't really have any type of oil at the moment.

A bumpy start but I am not deterred. Looking forward to things going a little smoother down the road. Skin stretching and razor holding will be my challenges. Just need to develop my routine.

Thanks for reading.
1. So long as your razor is stropped between shaves it doesn't matter so much, personally I strop before a shave

2. Vaseline will work fine to prevent rust but it can be a bit too gunky to leave on for extended periods of time. So long as you thoroughly dry your razor and store it somewhere dry then you shouldn't have to worry about oiling between uses

Sounds like you're off to a good start! You'll quickly learn how to avoid those little nicks and cuts
Taking my time.
Shower, hot towel.
Lathered up with L'Occitane "Cade" cream mixed on Kent Bowl soap using Simpson G2, Chubby.
First use of new Feather Artist Club RG, with Feather Pro Guard Blades.
... Took about fifteen minutes!
No weepers or cuts but the Osma block sure knew something was going on !
My old Acqua de Selva aftershave.
Tash trim and Bay Rum hair lotion.
Keb Mo kept me focused.
Thanks "Geochubbyboy" for the amazing utubes and inspiration.
Feeling Good, might celebrate down the pub,
Cheers Guys.
You'll quickly learn how to avoid those little nicks and cuts

Yeah.. I'm not sure I did a good job of explaining in my journal why I didn't mind the razor burn I got on my first shave. But the rapid improvement over the next two shaves showed how well I learnt that lesson. I didn't go as far as Sean did in drawing blood, but I'm glad I learnt early about how much is too much. Knowing how the shave feels when it's going wrong makes it a lot easier to avoid in future - that's my excuse anyway :)
I strop before(40-60) and after(30). Make sure razor is good and dry. I have never used Vaseline on a razor but being petroleum based, i may be concerned that it may react with your scales.(depending on what they are made of)
I'm glad your whippeddog kit arrived. I'm a recent convert also and I've given myself a few weepers. Only one was ugly, but I deserved it. Around my tenth shave things started clicking for me. It's a lot to focus on at first but it'll come together. A WTG pass with a DE helps in the beginning for sure. As far as stropping, I do 10 linen & 20 leather after a shave, then 20-30 on leather before one. I strop after to be sure the blade is dry.
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