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First shave with my Gillette SS

Hello fella's...this morning I used my 1958 gillette for the first time and I could not believe the shave I received with it!I had been using my Merkur HD for the past couple of weeks and for me this razor is alot more comfortable for me due to the fact that it is quite less agressive for everyday shaving on sensitive skin like mine.This razor would not work so well I think on a heavy beard, but for everyday shaving I think I am going to love it!!:biggrin: ...cheers Adam

I'm pleased you like your new superspeed and not suprised at all. As I've noted, it's the one Gillette that's always in my rotation. Like you, I don't have a heavy beard and that's one fo the reason's it's difficult to say one razor is the end all for everyone. While I do use my Gillette adjustable from time to time, I've gotten away from it lately. I should probably give another shot, with a Feather blade! Enjoy your new razor!

Glad you enjoy it. I recently got a'54 SS '40s style and love it. As you implied it is such a great razor.


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