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First expensive brush ?

I have been using a C&E Best Badger Brush for about six months now, but I feel it is too prickly (which I really don't like).

So, I'm looking to buy a new brush between 50-110 dollars. I use creams mostly but like to use soaps every now and then. It can not be prickly at all as it actually irritates my face. I guess that means silvertip.

Right now, I'm leaning towards the Rooney 3/1. On vintagebladesllc, I saw that the special 3/1 has a shorter loft than the regular one. Is the taller loft better for creams (as that is mostly what I use). Does anyone find this knot too small?
I have a 3/1 Special and I love it. I don't find it too small, but I like small(ish) knots, short lofts, contained blooms. I don't have a regular 3/1 so I can't compare.

I also have a 21mm D01 Shavemac, which is also awesome, but more spendy.

I also wonder if the Rooney Specials actually have the same hair and knot as the regular Rooneys, save the loft length, or if they're from a different source. I hear some guys stating their Rooney was unbearably stiff and had a break in period, and I didn't experience that at all with mine.
I think the 3/1 is a great choice for a first good brush. A great all-round peformer. The special, shorter loft does not render it a soap-only brush by any means. It's wonderful on creams.
A Rooney in any of the smaller sizes would be great.
Another recommendation (I haven't tried this one, but it seems to be in your range) would be to check out Bullgooseshaving.com (google bullgooseshaving if you can't find it) or shoeboxshaveshop.com for some of the cheaper Simpson's they have. Commodores and Colonels are in your range and seem to be well liked from what I can tell
For $109, you can get a Rooney 3/2, in super silvertip. That is a heck of a brush. I also have the Kent BK8 and it is very nice, but if I could only have one, it would be the Rooney.
Shavemac 177 Silvertip. Whatever prickly is--and I agree the C&E BBB can be prickly--the Shavemac in silvertip is the opposite. It is completely, totally, wonderfully soft, while still having enough backbone. Head over to the reviews for more info. Honestly, for creams, I think it trumps the Rooneys, and it'll work just fine for soaps, too. It's bigger than the Rooney 3/1; but, it's not too big even to face lather. (BTW, as a reference point, I also own a Rooney 3/1 and enjoy it, and owned a BK4 for a while, and enjoyed it a lot, too.)
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Since your face is sensitive I think a Rooney 3/1 might be too scrubby for you. They are very firm and scrubby. I think a Kent BK4 would be a better bet or perhaps a Simpson's PJ2 in Super.

I have a Rooney 3/2 super badger, I believe, It's wonderful, very dense and soft. I love it...
Since your face is sensitive I think a Rooney 3/1 might be too scrubby for you. They are very firm and scrubby. I think a Kent BK4 would be a better bet or perhaps a Simpson's PJ2 in Super.


Good point! That was exactly my (unstated) thinking that lead me to the Shavemac. While the Rooney in super is soft, it's not completely soft; it does have a small bit of scritch to it.
Although there have been many excellent recommendations in this thread, I was in your spot a few weeks back.

I'd go with the Shavemac 21mm in Finest from Westcoastshaving.com. It's only 63 bucks and you get a soft tipped, small knot brush that still has a few regular hairs here and there to give it some backbone.

I also have the Rooney 3/1 special and I truthfully prefer the Macdaddy.
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The Savile Row 3824. I have this brush and it is the biggest bang for the buck that I have found. It is an amazing brush period. I have a Rooney #3 stubby Heritage that cost me a lot more than the Savile and it is "different" not "better". I feel this is the perfect brush between denseness and backbone. My Rooney hogs lather which is not all that bad but it cost more to use because I have to use more soap to get that really thick lather on my face, not in the brush.


How many do you see for sale here?

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Darn. I thought I had it narrowed down. Now I have no clue. The Kent BK4 sounds good but I can't find a place that sells it.

What is the difference between the Shavemac Finest and Silvertip from westcoast shaving?

Does anyone know a good source for the Savile Row 3824?

I do have sensitive skin. So maybe the soft and not stiff Kent BK4 is my best best. What do you guys think?
Wow. That site is a lot cheaper. So between the Shavemac 177 and the Kent BK4, who should be my next brush? Other opinions?
From what I hear, the difference between the Shavemac finest, and silvertip is that the silvertip has softer tips, and is a little more dense.

The finest offers very nice soft tips, with a firmer base, and you can see that is does contain some more coarse thick badger hair within the knot. The 21mm Finest is my favorite brush use right now and it's a steal.
OK. I think I'm going shavemac. But is the finest better than the silvertip 21mm. Because the silvertip is only 13 dollars more at westcoastshaving. And if my decision is now between a BK4 and a Shavemac, doesn't it make sense to go silvertip?
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