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    This is the first thing I've ever made on a lathe after getting one yesterday. Still need to set my knot and I want to re-sand it. Otherwise I'm pretty happy

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  1. Looks great.
  2. ralph029

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    Very nice.
  3. ajkel64

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    Nice brush, great work.
  4. I be pretty happy to. That looks really good. Nice shape and handle length.
  5. Very nice work. Did you freehand it or have a design you were trying to duplicate? The lip below the knot is a nice touch.
  6. This was all freehand. I went with something that felt nice in my hands really. Any pointers/critiques anyone can give? I am about a new to this as you can get.
  7. I like the look of it. I would prefer either a shorter or thinner "throat". Basically a chubby or barber style. You should know what you like though. :)

    I would set it with silicone until you decide you like the loft height.
  8. Loft height is something I dont really understand but good idea
  9. Basic explanation. Loft height is how much of the hair is sticking out of the brush. Or a another way of explaining it is how deep you set the knot in the brush handle, it can affect the overall feel of the knot also how tight the knot is in the hole can effect how it feels. This thread has lots of useful information on the subject Brush Knot Depth?
  10. Nice job for a first handle. Going with a hybrid blank for your first project was a bold move but it looks like you were up to the task. Don’t worry about critiques when you start out. All that matters is you make something you like and that you have fun doing it. Shape, proportion, etc will come with a little experience, and experience will come from having fun turning while learning basic cuts and proper tool use.
  11. yea, a hybrid blank was a bold move for sure, with my background in ceramics I figured why not.
  12. Graydog

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    Did you make the blank?
  13. No I happened to see it when I got my lathe and really liked it. I plan on making my own the future. Need to get a pressure pot and other supplies. I'll get all of that once I get better quality tools
  14. Yes, put the money into a few good tools first. Casting is a hobby all its own. Last I checked I had around 70 or so blanks I’ve made on hand waiting their turn, and enough resin for several more. There’s a certain satisfaction in making something start to finish, you get to admire the work you put into something that you made from scratch.
  15. Looks good.

    My suggestion, depending on your objectives of course, would be to work out your shapes and practice on cheaper wood before going back to resin/fancy wood etc. I've only started turning in the last six months and I started with some quite rare wood that a friend had given me thinking i just wanted to make a few handles.. little did i know how deep this rabbit hole could go.. i turned a lot of handles before i started to feel happy with the shapes i'm producing and now i'm considering a buying $2000 lathe..

    I like Stewart Battys tutorials if you want some turning instruction

    SB Tools

  16. Great looking!! :a14::a14:
  17. shapes aren't an issue for me, with my ceramics background I have a visual for things like that. I just need to learn my tools. My plan was to use cheaper wood but I happened to just go for it on that blank. Thanks for the input

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