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Fireworks funds!

Do you go all out for the 4th

  • I'm not allowed to light fireworks

    Votes: 3 18.8%
  • Might as well light a dollar bill on fire

    Votes: 6 37.5%
  • $0-$200 Fairly thrifty

    Votes: 7 43.8%
  • $201-$800 Big spender

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • $801+ It's the freaking 4th baby!

    Votes: 0 0.0%

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Are you able to light your own fireworks where you live?

The 4th is right around the corner and my favorite fireworks stand opened up yesterday, it's got me itching to stop and pick something up. (Plus someone up the block is already popping firecrackers)

Some people around here no joke treat the fourth like Christmas and go all out, I'm talking semi professional firework shows. My buddies in laws put the city fireworks display to shame.

As for me I've got a "strict" $100 allowance, and as far as my wife knows I stick to it lol.
We can light off limited fireworks, just stuff that sparkles. However, we sometimes have stuff that's a bit more fun. We try to ensure we aren't bothering the neighbors. Our limit is usually no more than $100, but we only do so every few years.

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When I was younger living in IL we used to drive to IN to get fireworks. I'd spend hundreds. Now that I live in TN and fireworks are perfectly legal - I don't spend a damn thing on them. Funny how that worked out. Probably because now that I have bills I can't stomach seeing my money explode in bright lights for 3 seconds.

Saturn Missiles are my favorite though.


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Plenty of professional displays around here. Over the years I've grown to hate home grown especially when our neighbors light them up. A big annoyance. Kids can't sleep. Pets are disturbed plus too much risk /danger
The "fireworks" around here are pretty much limited to sparklers, fountains and snakes. Hardly worth the money.

No cherry bombs, ash cans, lady fingers, husker doos, husker don'ts, or one single whistling kitty chaser?? Man, you're deprived!

While I do enjoy Roman candles as much as the next guy:

A. Fireworks drive my dog absolutely bonkers. I had to give him a doggy sedative to get him to chill out last year.

B. A County Mountie lives at the end of my street.

In The Land of the Big Blue Chicken, our oligarchs have deemed us mere peasants incompetent and therefore unable to safely handle such things. The state police waste taxpayer money every July scoping out fireworks stores just over the Pennsylvania line off of I95 and bust people once they cross back over into Delaware.

The lesson? Don't be an idiot. Either buy your goodies off season, or drive up the horse and buggy trails to Lancaster.
I met a guy once at a party who ran a fire work stand. Texas laws says you can only sell fire works 2 weeks before the holidays (4th of july and new years) so on 4th of july he closed his stand and brought his remaining inventory to the party.
It got really crazy... Someone lit one of them multi launch mortar things and it fell over the first shot. Then shot by shot the thing spun around shooting at everyone. I got hit in the back of the leg and my friend got shot right between "the ladies". It left a nasty bruise like being hit by a paint ball.

I'm more of a roman candle/cheap black cats kind of guy. You can never compete with what the city can do without a license and that stuffy gets crazy expensive.
they are illegal in Illinois but that has never stopped lots of people doing it for the fourth. I've been known from time to time. Indiana is legal and the transportation is not really checked.


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they are illegal in Illinois but that has never stopped lots of people doing it for the fourth. I've been known from time to time. Indiana is legal and the transportation is not really checked.
Definitely has never stopped anyone. I lived there most my whole life. I even set them off from time to time. I think for the most part the local law enforcement are relaxed during the 4th. As long as you are not setting off a metric ton they don't seem to care to much. Or not setting them off in September.

I've never heard from anyone where the police have been called for fireworks on the 4th.
No need to buy any. So much is set off in the neighborhood, I can save a lot of money. I need the money I save to pay for dog prozac for my 3 dogs.
As a kid I enjoyed fireworks. Now I consider it burning money. That said, if other people want to burn their money, it's them and their business and I don't begrudge them at all.
They're legal where I am and I feel like an old fogie when people set them off sometimes months ahead of the 4th. It's annoying having to listen to fireworks every night.
Everything is illegal in Massachusetts

The Commiewealth of Massachusetts, you mean....

Saluting the flag on the 4th is soon to be frowned upon, if not straight outlawed here in our fair colony
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