Finally restored one of my brushes.

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    This is a peerless nylon brush that has been fitted with a uk 20 mm cream boar knot to make it appear to have the original nylon hair in it. i set the loft by stacking pennies on the inside.
  1. let me know what you think please
  2. nice job tell us how you did it :thumbup1:
  3. sure thing. I went out to my barn and cut the hair to the top of the brush using a very sharp blade. I then took a small drill bit and drilled into the knot. I then got a bigger drill bit and repeated the process and kept repeating the process until i got to a bit as big as the hole in the brush. I popped the brush apart and began to dremmel out some of the epoxy and hair that was still attached to the inside of the brush. The original brush and the base did not fit tightly against each other so i looked and the inside base of the top piece was not level to my surprise. I got a hack saw( all i could find at the time )and hacked off a center tube that goes up the inside of the bottom part of the brush and dremmeled the base in the top part to make it flush. I stacked pennies til i got to a loft that i liked. Then took the pennies out and epoxied them together but did not let them set before sticking them into the brush. I put them into the brush and moved them around til i had a flat base to stick the knot on, once i did i left the pennies to set. 20 minutes later i then put the knot in. I did get a little epoxy on a few hairs but i quickly put mineral spirits on the epoxy to remove it and it did remove it.

    The knot size was unknown and still is i think it is an odd size like 19 I eye balled it to be an 18mm from looking at another brush because i know nothing about peerless brushes at all. The uk-20 cream boar fits perfectly though.
  4. RCC


    good work and a good looking brush IMO.
    How is the boar breaking in?
    Do you have other boar brushes to contrast with it?
    I'm curious, I'm thinking of trying boar now instead of badger.

  5. Well i posted that as soon as i was finished with it i mean the epoxy had just set for 20 minutes. So i still have to wait to use it. The hair in this brush though is very nice. i have had one boar prior to this a vdh one. It was an ok brush though i myself like the softness of my badger hair to. I have been using a pure badger travel size brush from aos someone gave me here religiously. I gifted my vdh to my dad. The hair i put in my brush is the same hair that goes into vulfix brushes. A good one though is omega they make really good boar brushes at a reasonable price.
  6. Nice work. It's a handsome brush.
  7. Very nice. I like that handle.
  8. I do to its a little different from the norm.
  9. Nice work!

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