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Feathers won’t kill you, they can be great


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I bought Feathers. I shaved my "No Shave November" beard with it and it was awesome. I had so much fun with it. I am still using the same blade. I lost count, but I think I am on shave 4 or 5 with it. I have a little bit of tugging, but not sure if that was a shaving cream issue or a blade issue.

I'm new to this. In my old DE razor, I didn't really count my shaves with a razor. I would throw it out when I felt that it wasn't really shaving well or I had thick growth. It was more of a gut feeling than an art or science. I wouldn't be surprised if I used a blade 15 times before throwing it out.

To get to the point, what am I looking for with these Feathers? How do I know I used it to its expiration? My last shave I did three passes, but it didn't seem as close as my shave before, but it was still a very close shave.
I agree with the two posts above me, but I'll try to be less esoteric. If my Feather starts tugging it's done. 4-5 shaves for me max. YMMV
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