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fatboy i think

my newest find was a fatboy i think code is E1 heres some pics not great with case all for 10.00 $Photo on 13-04-20 at 3.44 PM #3.jpg$Photo on 13-04-20 at 3.44 PM.jpg$Photo on 13-04-20 at 3.45 PM.jpg
Good job! I just picked up one too and used it for the first time this morning. Great razor! You got it for a steal, I'm jealous.
I just got my first fatboy lastweek. Great little razor, I wish the head profile was a bit slimmer but other than that it's amazing! Congrats on your score!
i got it at the antique show this weekend at the acadia rec center
when he said the price i could not get the money out fast enough lol
Unless the case is cracked, you can probably bring it back to life with some Meguires PlastX or comprable product used to remove the oxidization on headlights. I've found that buying razors in the wild is kind of like playing poker, I try not to let the seller see how excited I am (easier said than done when I ran across a Double Ring for $3.00).
Talk about a heck of a deal. I need to find these antique swap meet things. They sound like the place to get good deals when it comes to shaving needs.
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