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Fat Boy disassembly and replating

As anyone successfully disassembled a Gillette Fat Boy? I am thinking about having one replated with nickel and I assume it would need to be taken apart to do this.
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Gillette razors are plated (and were originally) and replated fully assembled. You don't have to take them apart. The tolerances are large enough that there won't be any interference in the mechanism unless the razor has been previously damaged or the plater screws up.
You don't have to strip the razor of its existing plating beforehand either, just clean it. Platers have their own stripping process. You will lose any paint but most platers can repaint the numbers, etc.
If you still want to disassemble your Fatboy there was a previous thread on how to do it.

Edit: Here's a link.

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Thanks Peter!! Nope this is what I was after and was not sure about the tolerances. Do you have any idea what it would cost to do a replate? I have been tossing the idea around and have really done any research yet. Thanks!
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I believe the last quotes I saw were around $35. for nickel plating. B&B members buddydog, located in the U.S., and Onotoman in the U.K. do excellent work. You could PM them and get a quote. You can also check locally to yourself for platers. Some jewellers also plate.
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