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Eyup Sabri Tuncer

Based on the experiences here, I ordered a bottle of the No. 2 scent and it arrived yesterday. I used it for the first time, this morning. Personally, I think it's okay. I still think the scent isn't very long lasting compared to many of the other drugstore type after shaves. It does last a bit longer than the Tobacco, but not that much longer. I also think the face feel from some of the other drugstore type aftershaves is superior. I'll use it every once in a while. Not sure I'd buy it again. That's my honest opinion.
My bottle of Tuncer #2 arrived today. Of course, I had to try it out, even though I hadn't actually shaved. :laugh:

Initial take: it has a very old-school, traditional character. Not loud, as long as you don't apply too much, more of a gentlemanly scent. Fairly dark, woody masculine geranium rose. Would go well with many soaps. Plastic bottle is OK quality. 250ml seems smaller than I thought.

Will have to wait until later to judge how well it works in soothing the skin after shaving.
I've used the Tuncer #2 aftershave a couple of times now. I though it worked well with Klar Sandalwood and Ach. Brito Musgo soaps. I might experiment with adding a bit of menthol to it.
Does anyone have any feedback on the Tuncer aftershave #3 variety (described as citrus + woody)? Tempted to try it since the #2 seems pretty good.

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I bought the set of 4 off Amazon earlier this year. The pink one is superb and goes well with Trumpers rose cream. The others I use as an after shower spritz, swmbo likes em all. Total cost was less than a tenner to my door. 😀

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Another good match with Tuncer #2 is Signature Soaps Coria. That's a UK made soap, BTW. Pasteur's has it on sale this week, so it is quite a good deal with the free shipping for US addresses. I don't have a lot of artisan soaps, but the Signature Soaps are really good, so I made an exception.
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