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Eyebrow grooming.

The one things beside plucking in between that I started in my late thirties was to "buzz down" the eyebrows with my electric clippers because they grow long hairs that are over an inch in length. Now that I'm almost 60 I have to do it about every three weeks when I cut my hair because they grow even faster now! :001_huh:


I have light brows, so I don't need much grooming beyond a couple of wild hairs, but I see how many men might want a little touching up here and there.

Mattifying gel, though? Hoo, boy.
Electric beard trimmer. Set to height of 4. Buzz eyebrows about every 3 months or so.

I dont need no stinkin' tips!


The older you get,the bushier they grow.My technique is to slap a plastic Wahl #1 guard over an Andis "Trimmer" blade,load onto an Oster Classic 76 clipper, then trim them down to a perfect level every time.I tried the other methods,nothing compares.