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Extro Cosmesi PIF (UK only)

I have a brand new unused 150ml tub of Madorla which I ordered to use as my next tub after I finished my Camelot tub. But I also ordered some Fine Latigo and have fallen in love.

so I am going to give the Mandorla away to a good home. No charge and I’ll cover postage. UK only (sorry everyone else but postage will cost too much).

pop your names in this thread, copying the previous name list so I have one full list. I’ll post out in 2 weeks!
Right chaps, sorry for the delay in closing this one, 2 days late!
I have done the random selector thing on all entrants and the winner has come out as @Samon
Do you want to drop me over your address on DM and I will post out to you tomorrow. :thumbup:
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