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Experiences with Superior Brushes

I just completed my order for a 25mm super badger from Superior Brushes yesterday and I would like to hear from others who are using one of these brushes. So far my experiences with shave brushes haven't been very good and include unnatural shedding (Kent BK4) and losses due to theft (Rooney Super Silvertip taken out of a hotel room) so following on from Joels initial impressions I am somewhat apprehensive about the arrival of my new Superior Brush. I understand that everything in wet shaving is a matter of personal preference and subjective experience, and like Joel said himself, he reserves the right to change his mind, but I would like to hear from other Superior owners so I don't lose too much sleep before it arrives.
On the plus side, I can say that their customer service is good. I was unable to reply to the companies e-mails due to a fault on my e-mail account and Matt was able to trace me through my username at SMF, which I think is a good example of their dedication to their customers. Also, the order was completed very quickly and the shipping and handling charges for the brush to be sent to the UK are quite reasonable.
Warm regards,
You say someone stole your Rooney from a hotel room? I assume you reported it to management/housekeeping. At least whoever took it has good taste! Shame you can't find out who took it and get their impressions of the brush, eh?

~Tim :cool:
It was a Holiday Inn (we wont go into the reasons I was actually staying in such an establishment:wink: ) so the manager didn't care in the slightest. What really confuses me is why anyone would want to steal a used shaving brush. There must be some truly weird fetishists out there somewhere.
You know, funny thing, you mention Holiday Inn. I have stayed at quite the range of hotels in the last couple of years (depending on whether I or the firm was paying). Strangely enough, the hotel I enjoyed most was an Econo Lodge of all things. The Westin in Century City was a close second, though....
Oh, and Alex, if a Better Than New Rooney shaving brush shows up on ebay, you'll finally know who the culprit was....
AJS said:
What really confuses me is why anyone would want to steal a used shaving brush. There must be some truly weird fetishists out there somewhere.

You mean you've never visited NaughtyBadgerBordello.com? :biggrin:

The Superior Brushes are outstanding. Check out my review in the Reviews forum. I was a bit concerned about the handle material, but all concerns were erased once I had the brush in hand. Your enjoy it. If you are getting the Silvertip, I think you'll find that it is incredibly soft, but not at all floppy.

I've purchased about half a dozen or so from Ebay 5 were best badger 20mm, while 1 25mm was silver tip and looked like a chess piece-huge. I am pleased with them and have had very little shedding-total 5 bristles from 2 brushes. They lather well and have a nice hefty feel to them. Don't drop it on your toe, the handles are solid! Randy is good to deal with. I've paid between $35-75 for the brushes and love them. Though they are packaged in a paperbox that is suitable for gloves,or sometimes just wrapped in tissue paper. I advised him to either get cardboard boxes or the collapsable plastic boxes use by Shavemac. So I recycle the cardboard-plastic boxes from the cheaper pure badger brushes.:smile:
Thanks for the replies Randy and Bladerunner, but I have had my Superior Brush for a while now (and have posted a review too) this is an older thread that got bumped back up. I asked the question because Joels initial impressions concerning the brush left me a little unsure of what I was going to receive. However, I am happy to report that I really like the brush, very good with creams. For me, the handle is the real stand out on these brushes, very heavy and solid but wonderfully ergonomic.
Alex, did you get one of their "In Inventory" brushes, or did you order a custom-made one? If/when I order one, I'd order a custom one with a "bulb" on the end so it can be hung up on a brush-holder, like this one:

~Tim :cool:
The handle I ordered wasn't in stock at the time, but there was a picture of it on their website. There is a (bad) picture of it here.
AceHarddrive said:
I wonder how the brush holds up when used in Wet Method Shaving (aka RMWS . . . )?

~Tim :cool:

I have used the brush for Method Shaving, and it held up just fine. Admittedly, it's not something I do regularly, but I wouldn't think that there would be any problems.
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